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Body and mind – the same system

My training and experience, now in working with clients across a wide range of issues, leaves me in no doubt whatsoever that the mind and body are all one system. What affects us physically, affects us emotionally and vice versa. Read more

Posted on 29th April 2012 in Emotional Freedom Technique, Health, hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro-linguistic programming, NLP, Wellbeing, Well-being

Hello world!

“Hello World!” was the automated title given by WordPress for a new blogger’s very first blog post and I guess that’s how it feels… stepping out into a whole new world, as yet unknown, but isn’t that what keeps life exciting and fresh? I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while. Thinking about new ideas is fine so long as it leads to a decision and either some action or our moving on to something else. In this case it’s action and here I am writing my first post. Read more

Posted on 28th March 2012 in life coaching, motivational coaching, personal coaching, Wellbeing, Well-being