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So I’m a week into my presence in the blogging world and so far it doesn’t feel any different to the non blogging world, other than a little voice saying ‘that’s been a week now so it’s time to write something else”.  So here I am ready with my next post!

Many of my clients find they benefit from the deep relaxation that comes with the therapies I practice and they’re often surprised to realise it’s been a very long time since they truly relaxed. It can even feel a bit emotional when it happens, like it’s a big relief.

It’s when we’re deeply relaxed that we can be at our most creative and really solve any problems or issues that are troubling us.  Deep relaxation also boosts our immune system and significantly increases our overall sense of wellbeing.  So I encourage anyone I see to find a way of incorporating deep relaxation into their lifestyle.  We’re gradually understanding the benefits of regular physical exercise, we also need regular deep relaxation.

Sometimes folk aren’t sure how to find a relaxation track that suits them.  There are many on the market and it’s often possible to listen to a sample online before you buy.  The most important thing is that you like the voice and you find any accompanying music soothing too.  We’re all different so one person’s ideal track might not suit someone else.  Try googling for sample relaxation tracks.

Just finding half an hour once or twice a week (and more often in times of stress) to listen to a track can bring about immediately perceptible changes in your sense of wellbeing.

At Shetland Resolve, I do a range of recordings for deep relaxation and also for more specific therapeutic change (e.g. increased confidence, self esteem, better sleep, habit change, energy & motivation and more).  They can be in Shetland Dialect (though not too broad) or in my best (knapping) ‘Scottish’ accent for anyone not familiar with dialect words.

To celebrate my second week as a blogger I’m offering the chance for a limited time to hear one of my recordings (the full track not just a sample) online for absolutely free!.  This one is in dialect and will guide you to a state of deep relaxation before taking you on a stroll through a beautiful woodland.  If you can, it’s best to listen with headphones but not at a time when you need to stay alert!

I would love to hear your feedback and I plan to add a ‘Scottish’ version soon.

Thanks for ‘listening’!

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