Today's reflection is tomorrow's guide ~ Diane Taylor
We all have a safe harbour within us. Know where it is so you can shelter a while when life's seas get rough ~ Diane Taylor
Life's energy is a constant ebb and flow... be it good or bad the more you give the more comes back ~ Diane Taylor
Spread your wings, enjoy the flight and the destination will take care of itself ~ Diane Taylor

Need to make a change, feel better or achieve more?

Sometimes we strongly want to make a positive change or overcome an issue that has been bothering us and no matter how hard we consciously try, success just seems to elude us! With a little help, that can so easily be changed and the seemingly impossible will soon become readily achievable.

Whether you have a personal challenge or a business related concern, I can help you rapidly achieve your desired results. This can be done in just a few short sessions. By using a combination of coaching, deep relaxation, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, l will help you find lasting solutions that really work for you and your situation.

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"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right " - Henry Ford.

Fear of flying

Holidays spoiled by a fear of flying?

I can help! 

Initial consultation JUST £30

With option of face to face, online or telephone sessions