Below are a few testimonials I’ve received from clients and colleagues. Although clients have agreed to include their feedback here, in the interests of confidentiality I have not included their full names.


“I benefited greatly from online therapy sessions with Shetland Resolve when I was at university. I was amazed at how little online sessions differed from face to face sessions in terms of having a safe space to share my emotions and work through my problems. It also allowed me to access therapy from the comfort of my home which was an added bonus!”


“Through online sessions Diane helped me through episodes of insomnia. Would recommend anyone struggling right now to access their sessions online or through a phone call as I always found myself in a better mindset after mine.”


"I did three online sessions with Diane to help me with my fear of flying. It worked very well and in some ways it made me feel less anxious than doing a face to face therapy session. The sessions were extremely successful and I now fly 4 to 5 times a year. A big thank you to Diane for  her help and I would recommend this method of therapy to anyone. "


"As a young girl suffering with anxiety with limited time due to the pressures of school - online coaching sessions helped me endlessly to deal with my mental health without adding to the pressures of taking away more  needed time."



"I'm getting on really well! I still have difficult days but I handle them much better and they seem to be getting fewer. I use the deep breath and tapping if I'm feeling challenged. Also the hypnotherapy CD before bed. Most of the time I can now relax into anything I'm doing and actually enjoy it rather than thinking about what I have to do next. Thanks for all your help."

Thanks a lot, Diane, for giving me my mojo back! Following the sudden death of my dog nearly 2 years ago I got quite heavily depressed. Caring for a newborn and some other issues added to the pressure. Usually optimistic, energetic and unstoppable, I spent most of my time crying with no energy and no real zest for life anymore. Desperately searching for help I luckily found Diane! She is so empathetic and always seems to find the exact right words.  In 6 sessions of Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP, Diane taught me to accept myself and what has happened and to have a brighter outlook to my future again, and I have started now to build up my life again with renewed energy and lots of fresh plans and ideas. Diane also gave me the tools to continue with EFT and Hypnotherapy by myself in my own time whenever I need it. Thanks again!

Diane and her therapy techniques have made a massive improvement to my mental and physical health. She showed… amazing kindness and empathy towards me during a difficult spell in my life and as we worked together she managed to delve to the root of my unwanted habits and break the unwanted cycle. The hard work we both put in to the sessions has resulted in a happier, healthier mother and wife for my family.”

Thank you so much it has taken me 4 days to absorb all the info and listening to the CD again to realise I do deserve this and feel the difference from the old me to the new me.  Anyone thinking to have any kind of therapy with Diane do not hesitate. Go do it. This wonderful lady has done wonders for me, I am now living the dream.

"I'm doing great and blooming as they say. I have still stopped smoking so the session with you was a complete success. I have been a dedicated smoker for 20 years and had tried a few times before without success. Thank you ever so much for your help at quitting the nasty habit. I wouldn't have managed it without your support."  An expectant mother.

"Thank you! You have completely changed my way of travelling. Where I used to be terrified of flying this time it was a complete pleasure. Unbelievable!

"Puts the myth of hypnosis out the window along with bad habits! Diane’s calm friendly and empathetic nature put me at ease with a new experience immediately. A true professional doing a professional job with, for me, life changing results. Thank you so much Diane.”

"Thank you, Diane. Since attending my sessions with you for hypnotherapy, NLP and the EFT my life has moved on. The experience has taught me quite a bit about myself and how to effectively deal with improving self-esteem, motivation, work issues and self control. I would highly recommend to others to come and see you to explore and gain some tools to deal with any troubling conditions! I thought that hypnotherapy was a nice idea but wouldn't really work boy was I wrong!! Diane has a fantastic way of cutting the c**p and getting to the heart of the matter even if you have been avoiding the issue for years!!!"


“Thanks to Shetland Resolve I got the job! I needed a change but my confidence was low and my outlook negative. I had just one session on interview confidence a few days beforehand and Diane also gave me techniques to prepare with on the day. It was the best interview I’d ever done. I felt calm, confident and able to be at my best. Working with Diane has truly been a life changing experience.”

“Shetland Resolve was of invaluable help to my teenage daughter who was suffering from pre-exam nerves and stress. Two sessions were enough to change a negative ‘I can’t do it’ mind-set to a calm, positive attitude and an ability to face a now achievable goal. The therapy experience was wholly positive and made a remarkable difference to what could have been a very difficult time.”

“I suffered from pre-match nerves and inner doubt 12 months ago. I was put in contact with Diane as a last ditch effort to try and regenerate my motivation to play. I was at a loose end and giving up was heavily on my mind. I couldn’t focus, nerves were taking over and I started to wonder if I really enjoyed it. With Diane’s help, I’ve grown from strength to strength. The nerves are still there however I have the mental strength to control these and turn them into positive energy. My performance has dramatically turned around, I’m training more than ever, playing competitively, winning and enjoying it. Training my mind has turned my sporting life around and its all thanks to Diane. I will ever owe her for her professionalism and skills.”


Diane is a personal friend and I was a bit sceptical when she told me her techniques can also work on pain and injury recovery. However, since I had a severely dislocated and fractured shoulder I had nothing to lose by trying. I know Diane's techniques helped me overcome the frustration of incapacity, manage pain more effectively and both physiotherapist and surgeon are surprised at how well I have progressed on the road to recovery. I would thoroughly recommend that anyone suffering from pain or injury, consults Diane. I'm so glad I did.

Well, what can I say! I have known Diane for 20 odd years. She has certainly found her vocation in life. I have been visiting her recently due to my poor health. She has helped me see things much clearer, accepting the past, looking forward to the future. She has shown me ways to relax, find very important "me time", and techniques on how to boost my energy levels. Diane is very easy to speak to, she is an excellent listener, never judgemental. I always come away from my visits feeling refreshed and positive. A massive big thank you Diane for helping me get my life back. Everyone should have a Diane!!

“Fifteen years ago I was involved in a serious car crash, which left me in hospital for 4 months and unable to work for 4 years. The crash also left me with chronic pain and some mobility problems and I can only work part-time. A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand and I thought ‘Aaargh!, as having recently started up my own home-based business I was reluctant to take time off for an operation, so I decided to explore alternative therapies. I knew about acupuncture, but had never heard of Emotional Freedom Technique. (EFT) until Diane suggested I try it along with NLP. It’s been the best thing I ever did. Not only do I have a lot less pain in my wrist, I have found that it works just as well on other bits of my body. I was amazed and delighted, as it’s something I can do myself and I don’t have to go traipsing to a clinic every time I need a ‘fix’. I would recommend Diane’s therapies to anyone who suffers chronic pain, as it’s certainly helped me enormously and I now feel in control of my pain rather that it being in control of me.”