Is your life limited by a fear of flying?

Fears and phobias can be much more easily overcome or managed than most people realise. Around 25% of people have some fear of flying while around 1 in 10 experience that fear so intensely they simply can't face taking a flight.  It needn't be that way.  I'm helping an increasing number of people overcome their fear. You can join others who have already overcome their fear and reclaimed their freedom.  Hear their stories in these short videos:

For 14 years I had a fear of flying. Five years ago my eldest son was taken ill and had to be flown by air ambulance to Aberdeen. My fear was so extreme I couldn't accompany him and it was awful. After 3 sessions with Diane I am now back flying again no bother at all. Unbelievably, my youngest son was taken ill a few weeks ago and also had to be flown by air ambulance to Aberdeen. This time I was able to go and be with him. I was on the smallest plane imaginable and I was fine. If I can get over such an extreme fear anyone can. Don't wait. Seek the help you need and get over your fear ~ Caroline Tait

I was so scared I was having panic attacks, like having a heart attack, but after 2 sessions with Diane I had a wonderful flight so it really worked for me and I would recommend Diane to anyone ~ Pam Jackson

I had an extreme fear of flying which quickly became panic attacks and for 6 years I was never in a plane. I also get very sea sick on the ferry. I knew I would have to fly last year to attend my son's wedding and it filled me with dread. One of my daughters had met Diane and suggested I get in touch with her.  We had three sessions. I got on the plane and I made it.  I was so quiet and calm this time my daughter had to check I was ok! I've already flown one more time since and I have another flight booked ~ Yvonne Robertson

Hi Diane. Well today was the day I was flying away and I felt so calm the whole way and actually enjoyed it more than I did before the fear developed ~ a young mother with family to see on the mainland

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