Whether working with you online or here in the small island community of Shetland, I recognise that guaranteeing a confidential service is vitally important.

Appointments usually take place at my office, in your own home or business premises or at a local centre. Living and working in a small community, I appreciate that you may not wish anyone to see either of us attending an appointment in which case telephone or online video sessions would be a good alternative. Many therapists and coaches are reporting no difference in their success rates when comparing phone/ online and face to face sessions. However, please bear in mind that clients come to see me about a range of things, including goal setting and achieving their best say in sports performance, so if you're seen coming for an appointment, it doesn’t mean to the rest of the world that you have a problem!

Any records relating to your sessions will be kept entirely secure. To find out more go to Privacy Policy The only circumstances in which I would ever disclose any information concerning you to another party, without first gaining your consent, would be if I considered that you might pose a danger to yourself, or others, or if you disclosed information about criminal activity, in which case I reserve the right to contact the relevant authorities. It would be very unusual for this to happen but I'm obliged to make that position clear.