Corona Calm And Kindness Group Membership Registration

Like many others I've been thinking about what I can do to help a much wider group of people manage their stress and anxieties in this time of uncertainty and unprecedented, sudden and unwelcome change. For a long time I've intended to develop an online group option as an alternative to one to one sessions. I've procrastinated because I've not been sure how to do it. The need has never seemed greater than now so it's time to take a deep breath and just do it!

Membership of the 'Corona Calm and Kindness' group will give you access, during the month of April 2020, to:

1. a closed online forum for group chat and support (you will need a Facebook account)

2. live video sessions (for guided meditations, EFT tapping, self hypnosis, NLP and other stress management techniques). These can be viewed at a later time if the live option doesn't suit.

3. audio downloads (guided meditations, hypnotherapy)

4. short e-booklets (stress management techniques)

5. early bird discounted registration for more in depth training courses and workshops in smaller groups.

I would like this to be accessible to everyone. Rather than setting a subscription that some may not be able to afford I am asking for a donation of between £10 and £25 towards your membership during the month of April 2020. NHS frontline workers can access the group for free as a heartfelt thank you for all you are doing! 

In an ideal world I would have liked to make the group completely free and publicly open but there are risks with that. A membership group provides a much safer online space where everyone can feel supported and learn tools and techniques that will be helpful well beyond the current situation.

If you would like to join the group please complete and submit the form below. You will then be given the option to submit your donation either using a PayPal account (you don't need to have one) or by using your bank card. If you would like to pay by another means please message

Your donation will go towards the costs of setting up and running the group. You can leave the group at anytime but any donations made can't be refunded. I'm hoping to generate just a modest income from the group and any 'profit' made beyond that I intend to reinvest into it's further development if there's demand to continue beyond April. Please be assured too that this isn't a marketing ploy where if you join there will be lots of pressure to join other things. 

As this is a new initiative, in response to a worldwide crisis, it hasn't been months in the planning. That can be a good thing making it easier to ensure the content I share will be as responsive to the group needs as possible rather than following a prescribed programme. My aim will always be to support you in managing stress through what we know will be a difficult time for many of us.  

Once your registration is completed and your donation received, I'll add you to the group mailing list and the closed Facebook group "Corona Calm and Kindness". It will be up and running from 1 April 2020. The group will run for a month until the end of April. If there is demand and it's viable there's the possibility of extending it on a month to month basis.

Together we'll get through this. We can't calm the storm but we can calm ourselves and the storm will pass.

Diane Taylor (Dip.C/Hyp/NLP - GHR Reg)

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A donation towards the running of the group is welcomed in a suggested range of between £10 and £25 for a month’s membership.


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